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Workplace Etiquette


Promoting Respectful Cell Phone Use in the Workplace

by | September 12, 2013

** Editor’s note: This new series features answers to the most commonly asked workplace etiquette questions. With the persistence of technology in our everyday lives, what can we do about the person who constantly checks their phone during conversations, meetings, […]

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Respect and the Communal Kitchen

Respect and the Communal Kitchen

by | August 8, 2013

** Editor’s note: This new series features answers to the most commonly asked workplace etiquette questions. How do you handle a situation in the workplace involving someone who brings in a stinky lunch or who does not clean the communal […]

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Respectful Introductions in the Workplace

How to Make A Respectful Introduction

by | June 13, 2013

Establishing workplace relationships is critical to the success of any company – large or small. Being able to make a memorable (for a good reason) introduction is your ticket to such opportunities. Although being nervous or enervated, when meeting new […]

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Look em in the Eye

Look ‘em in the Eye

by | May 16, 2013

Eye contact is the single most important part of making a proper introduction. The eyes are the portals to the soul. There is very little as revealing as the first eye contact we make with any other living being, including […]

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A Good Handshake Instills Confidence

by | April 11, 2013

The first physical contact people have with one another is a handshake. The messages conveyed in a simple handshake can be complex and very revealing even in their subliminal subtleties. Ideally a handshake involves one hand from each person. The […]

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Respectful Phone and Email Etiquette

by | January 17, 2013

Fundamentally there is no difference between the etiquette of handling a cell phone than there is a land line. Nor is there any difference between an email and a posted letter except for the speed of delivery. When you receive any […]

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Respectful Meeting Etiquette

by | December 13, 2012

Meetings are a usual workplace activity, sometimes occurring on a daily basis. Time is a precious commodity during the workday and efficient use of it during meetings is essential. Here are some key pieces of advice to enhance your professionalism […]

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