Custom Workshops

Training - Custom WorkshopsWe know that your organization’s needs may be unique. That’s why all of our diversity and respect programs can be customized to fit your specific needs and conducted on-site at your location.

Just provide us a little insight about your organization, its current culture, and the behavioral changes you’d lilke to see. We’ll collaborate with you to design and deliver a positive, powerful and effective training experience for your people!

During our initial needs assessment, you describe your participants and explain your organization’s history, culture, goals and objectives. We incorporate these factors into the program’s examples, group discussions and activities.
We can even customize your workshop materials to include specific company terms, references and examples!

Your own facilitators can deliver the workshop through the Legacy Business Cultures Facilitator Certification Program. This comprehensive, train-the-trainer program focuses on the general presentation skills and information needed to effectively convey the key points and facilitate the discussions and activities. It can be conducted on-site at your location or your internal facilitators may attend one of our open enrollment sessions. Facilitators need to be certified before conducting any workshops; however, because of the workshop format, your facilitators do NOT need to be organizational development or training professionals.

Upon certification, facilitators receive additional training resources and marketing materials to promote the program internally.

If fostering respect and inclusion is important to your people and your business…

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