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- Thursday Jul 31 - 3:25pm

Connecting With Respect

HRCI CertifiedThe Connecting With Respect workshop will earn 9.75 hours

Disclaimer: The use of this seal is not an endorsement by HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program. It means that this program has met HR Certification Institute’s criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit.

Download Connecting With Respect informationDeveloped as a practical and easy-to-implement workshop for organizations ready for a different kind of “diversity” training, Connecting with Respect represents the newest and most original approach to cultural excellence in decades.

Anchored by the most current research on emotional intelligence, behavioral psychology and neuroscience, this interactive curriculum paves the way for literally anybody to grasp the essential insights and skills necessary for contributing to a more respectful workplace environment.

Because of our emphasis on experiential learning, participants of the Connecting with Respect curriculum don’t just learn about respect (and disrespect), they experience it first-hand and are immediately able grasp its impact on workplace attitudes and productivity. With the goal of creating respectful experiences in mind, they then work together to develop a “tool kit” and plan of action for getting the job done each and every day.

Connecting with Respect Workshop Objectives:

  • Understanding the difference between respect and tolerance
  • Explore the basic science of how our brains respond to the actions of others in both our personal and professional relationships
  • Experience respect as a specific emotion AND learn what behaviors trigger it
  • Look “under the hood” at stereotypes and biases and how they may lead to disrespectful treatment of others
  • Build a “Code of Cooperation” that becomes your team’s mutually agreed upon ground rules for promoting respect at work
  • Discuss how individual integrity becomes the glue that holds respectful workplaces together in good times and in bad

Designed for flexibility in both duration and content depth, this program can easily be customized to support a broad range of cultural initiatives, audiences and outcomes. Just as importantly, its modular design and minimal AV requirements support effective delivery for a variety of work schedules and meeting spaces.

Whether you use one of our expert facilitators or have your own staff certified through our train-the-trainer process, Connecting with Respect will deliver powerful, culture-enhancing results for years to come.

If fostering respect and inclusion is important to your people and your business…

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