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- Thursday Jul 31 - 3:25pm


Browse our list of team members specializing in diversity, workplace respect and inclusion. For details regarding price, availability and presentation topics for an individual speaker or consultant, please contact us.

Paul Meshanko

Paul Meshanko

Paul has inspired over 500,000 people in 20 countries. He is consistently rated a “best in class” speaker and facilitator by companies nationwide. His speaking themes include workplace diversity, organizational culture, personal effectiveness, change management, team-building, time management and work-life balance. Paul is the President & CEO of Legacy Business Cultures and author of “The Respect Effect”.

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Todd Costello

Todd Costello serves as Vice President of Business OperationsĀ at Legacy Business Cultures and After 16 successful years in the print industry, he has considerable experience in customer service and sales. As an Associate Manager and Account Manager, he worked […]

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Dustin Lancy

Dustin works on business development and account management for Legacy Business Cultures and He has experience in sales prospecting in national and local markets, as well as success in networking, exhibiting, event and workshop planning. As an analyst, Dustin […]

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Sindy Warren

Sindy Warren

Sindy Warren is the principal of Warren & Associates LLC and an Associate Partner of Legacy Business Cultures. She is an HR and employment law consultant and uses her legal expertise to help clients create and maintain positive and legally […]

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