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Gratitude at Work

Gratitude at Work

by | March 7, 2013

As my friend and colleague Paul Meshanko taught me (he’s an employee engagement guru, speaker, and the author of The Respect Effect), our brains are “open loop” systems. Other internal organs, by contrast, are closed loop systems. Say I go for a run […]

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More Than Money: 5 Job Perks That Matter

More Than Money: 5 Job Perks That Matter

by | February 28, 2013

What do employees want from their workplace? Surprisingly, although salary and benefits are crucial, employees rank a stable and supportive workplace environment as critical to job satisfaction and stability. In fact, respect may be the most appreciated workplace perk, making […]

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Respect, Innovation and Creativity

by | February 21, 2013

Like most of us, I assumed that the ability to be innovative was somewhat innate, like creativity. If we’re left brain we’re creative and innovative, if we’re right brain we’re not. It seems I was wrong, affirming that old expression […]

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Disciplining the right way

Disciplining the Right (and Respectful) Way

by | February 7, 2013

As HR practitioners and managers well know, providing negative feedback to employees is simply part of the job. The alternative – letting performance issues or problem employees fester – is a surefire way to hurt productivity and morale. When it […]

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Multi-ethnic construction workers posing in hard-hats with tools

You Can’t Buy Your Culture at Wal-Mart!

by | January 24, 2013

A lot of organizations don’t spend much time thinking about the state of their culture until a crisis comes up: employee turnover rates skyrocket, workplace accidents rise, or an internal employee survey reveals that (surprise, surprise!) employee morale is lower than […]

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Respectful Phone and Email Etiquette

by | January 17, 2013

Fundamentally there is no difference between the etiquette of handling a cell phone than there is a land line. Nor is there any difference between an email and a posted letter except for the speed of delivery. When you receive any […]

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