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Respect, Innovation and Creativity

by | February 21, 2013

Like most of us, I assumed that the ability to be innovative was somewhat innate, like creativity. If we’re left brain we’re creative and innovative, if we’re right brain we’re not. It seems I was wrong, affirming that old expression […]

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Disciplining the right way

Disciplining the Right (and Respectful) Way

by | February 7, 2013

As HR practitioners and managers well know, providing negative feedback to employees is simply part of the job. The alternative – letting performance issues or problem employees fester – is a surefire way to hurt productivity and morale. When it […]

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Multi-ethnic construction workers posing in hard-hats with tools

You Can’t Buy Your Culture at Wal-Mart!

by | January 24, 2013

A lot of organizations don’t spend much time thinking about the state of their culture until a crisis comes up: employee turnover rates skyrocket, workplace accidents rise, or an internal employee survey reveals that (surprise, surprise!) employee morale is lower than […]

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Respectful Phone and Email Etiquette

by | January 17, 2013

Fundamentally there is no difference between the etiquette of handling a cell phone than there is a land line. Nor is there any difference between an email and a posted letter except for the speed of delivery. When you receive any […]

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Michele Lawson Joins our Blog

by | January 7, 2013

We are thrilled that Michele Lawson, RHIT will join our blog as a guest writer. Michele is the Co-Owner of Red Feather Networking, LLC and a trainer, motivator, writer and public speaker who is passionate about helping others unleash their networking […]

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An Employee Relations Resolution

by | January 3, 2013

Happy New Year! Here’s wishing you all a wonderful 2013, replete with success and happiness. I typically like to start off the year with at least one HR-related resolution to pass on to my clients. For 2013, I’ve picked this one: Centralizing […]

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