Respectful Workplace Testimonials


“Once again, thank you very much for speaking at the 2009 Cleveland HR Star Conference. I am very pleased to report that you received a 96.55% approval rating which is fantastic to say the least! In addition, 20 people scored you as the best presenter at the conference. Well done!”

— Braden Albert, President | HR Star Conference

“The Respect in the Workplace training provided by Paul Meshanko at our coal-to-energy facility helped redirect our employees’ focus back to our core values. Our management team had identified and was struggling with a fracturing of our teamwork environment and morale was declining. We needed to raise the level of morale and respect among our front line supervisors and employees.

After speaking with Paul, he helped us identify issues and unwanted behaviors and then tailored a program for us covering different parameters, all based on our working community and the respect needed to maintain a safe, healthy, productive and fun workplace. The program was an absolute success! We are still benefiting from better communication patterns within our whole organization and our team approach to handling scheduled and non-schedule events is stronger than ever. There is also an overall better attitude displayed from all levels of the organization since the training was conducted.

I am grateful we moved on this issue quickly as a management team. It has helped both restore and reinforce our culture of excellence here at Logan Generating. Thanks again!”

Kurt Puthe | Logan Generating

“Paul Meshanko is an excellent speaker, educator and person. He provided our managers with the tools to take them to the next level in dealing with others. Diversity is one of the most misunderstood philosophies and Paul takes it to a level that breaks it down to its simplest form – RESPECT. He allows participants to express their own thoughts and feelings and helps them to break through their stereotypes and understand the message he is delivering. Thanks Paul – Great job!”

— Kal Keitel | Human Resources Director, St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital

“…I enjoyed the seminar you gave last week at Oakland Community College in Michigan. It was well organized and presented, and so observable that you really know your topic. Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated also. I think everyone could benefit from attending this workshop, be it regarding workplace, home or wherever!”

— Sally Simon | Southfield, LLC

“We are still getting great reviews about Paul on how great of a job he did. An added bonus is that we get more for our money with Legacy Business Cultures!”

— Michele Welch | Metl-Span

“Everything about the workshop was insightful and engaging. I enjoyed it all!”

— Insurance Industry

“Change starts with me; build new pathways in my brain – affirmative statements.”

— Educational Industry